SOBO Project

c1b1-finalThe SOBO Project (See the One. Be the One.) was created to raise awareness about human trafficking, to create safe places to be for people at risk, and to partner with others in developing places for people to recover, heal, and find empowerment after having gone through the trauma of being a victim of trafficking.

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What SOBO is currently doing in the community:

  • SOBO Project: 5K Run/Walk to End Human Trafficking
  • Connecting and supporting other local organizations through the Abolitionst Network and the Massachusetts Coalition to End Human Trafficking
  • Sharing important legislative information that helps support the most vulnerable among us

How you can get involved:

Join our Justice Task Force that meets and works with others in and around Boston towards the following goals:

  • A fun and safe place for teenagers to hang out on Friday & Saturday nights
  • A drop-in center and/or an aftercare facility
  • Raising Awareness
  • Raising funds towards our larger goals
  • Working with businesses to gather pledges to be slave-free and fair trade environments

Upcoming Events:

How to Partner with the SOBO Project

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Spread the word in your own sphere of influence, start a task force in your area. Below you’ll find more resources. Whether you are learning about trafficking for the first time or you have been at this for quite some time now, the key to ending human trafficking is relationship.

Additional Resources

The Polaris Project

TED Talk, Kevin Bales. How to Combat Modern Slavery

Massachusetts Coalition to End Human Trafficking

Emmanuel Gospel Center’s Abolitionist Network